• CBD Bath Bombs


    350 mg of CBD (no THC) Vegan Ideal for eczema, psoriasis and dry skin, sun burn and skin irritation Approximately 3 inches round Essential oils and/or organic extracts Pain relief and sleep aid Legal in all 50 states 4 essential oil scents to...

  • Cooling, soothing, restorative + hydrating with 300mg of CBD! Perfect for every skin type including oily, dry, sensitive and acne. Nano technology provides the perfect source of full spectrum CBD for optimal absorption in our newest facial toner. Organic Cucumber Hydrosol has a plethora of benefits from the natural occuring vitamin C, caffeic acid and silica, which aids in reduction of puffiness (eyes), firming sagging skin, along with the ability to reduce redness and irritation. Add the remarkable, vitamin rich CBD and you have another effective tool to combat aging!

    Cucumber Aloe CBD Facial Tonique


    300 mg water soluble nano CBD Wrinkle fighting Vegan Ideal for redness prone skin Acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis Tight, dehydrated skin Sensitive Skin along with irritated skin Aids in balancing confused skin varying from oily to dry and vice...

  • Saving Grace CBD Blue Tansy Face Cream


    800mg full spectrum Cannabidiol no THC (NOT PSYCHOACTIVE) CBD oil non-GMO, Organic, and CO2 Extracted Organic CO2 Extracted Blue Tansy Oil Plant based hyaluronic acid  Azulene, the blue component in blue tansy essential oil...

  • This is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients and ideal for every skin type! You may ask, "What's so special about CBD and why would I want it for my skin?" A very good question! Here's our response: CBD oil is shown to have high vitamin content, a real challenger for vitamin C and vitamin E, and without the unstable nature of vitamin C. The best part? It's the opposite of irritating, which has often been the biggest complaint for people suffering from dry or easily irritated skin when using vitamin C. Factor in we've added to our best selling base for Halellujah Serum and it's a WIN! You can anticipate non pore clogging and lightweight oils, so those suffering from acne can reap the benefits of non-oily hydration while aiding the skin's healing process. Want to prevent wrinkles, diminish the ones you have or improve texture and reduce redness?

    Saving Grace CBD Facial Serum


    1500mg full spectrum Cannabidiol oil no THC (non-psychoactive)  CBD oil non-GMO, Organic, and CO2 Extracted Organic CO2 Extracted Blue Tansy Oil Azulene, the blue component in blue tansy essential oil soothes irritated + inflamed skin and...

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