Hello, I'm Kimberly Peterson, founder and chief skin food creator at Bare Naked Botanicals. I'm a former Esthetician and business owner who enjoys img-9464.jpgteaching, creating and educating about the benefits of food for the skin. Ten years of hands on people's faces and recommending organic, whole food skin care products has culminated in the creation of Bare Naked Botanicals' products. It's been a true blessing to see improved lives and health, mine included! Join us in this wholesome adventure you won't regret!

Besides being a busy business owner I'm also a Mom to three. My oldest daughter Elaina is 27, Maddie 23 and my youngest, Elliot is 14. I'm a homeschool mom to my son, which means life is a little chaotic. You'll often find one or more of my family helping me at various events. 


When formulating my products, my first priority is to find ingredients which have little chance of being contaminated by chemicals, genetically modified ingredients and contain the highest vitamin and antioxidant content to maximize the benefits to the skin and body. Water is a large percentage of most skin care products. I believe water is good for you, but you'll seldom find it standing alone in my products. What a waste of space! Instead I often substitute this portion with distillates from plants, fruit or herbs, aloe vera leaf juice, tea and/or infused water. 

Each handcrafted vegan product is designed with a purpose and a particular skin type in mind. Ingredients are carefully selected based on factors like oily vs dry, whether a skin condition will be addressed, or a particular ingredient(s) will be highlighted. Each ingredient is then placed into the Environmental Working Group's web search program to determine it's safety. I strive for "0" on the hazard scale, which represents zero chance it's bad for you or the environment. Some ingredients, such as natural occurring fruit acids or enzymes, will be higher on their scale due to it's skin sensitizing affect on the skin making the user more prone to sunburn. With age and skin conditions like acne, exfoliation with a fruit acid or enzyme is safe and very effective. The chance of complications with the use of these types of exfoliation can be lessened by using exfoliating products at night and wearing a sunscreen during the day.

As my grandmother used to say, "Sometimes less is best," and I have to agree. Great skin is achieved through good nutrition, drinking lots of water, and skin care products that feed your skin. Labels with vast numbers of ingredients don't always add up to better. It's my goal to share with you the benefits of my products, keeping the ingredients to a minimum, making it easier and more affordable to achieve your healthy skin goals.

I'd love to connect with you, so be sure to drop by, send an email with questions or comments.