Does your skin lack a clean, fresh appearance? Do you feel like you your skin is clogged, congested, and/or lacks a healthy glow? Exfoliants, whether they are in the form of a scrub (manual exfoliant) or fermented fruit acids (chemical exfoliation), help to slough dead skin, debris, and oils, helping to reveal a brighter, fresher, healthy glow. If you have questions about which product would be right for you, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] for your complimentary skin consultation.

  • A balm cleanser to melt away the day's dirt. The unique blend of ingredients replenishes the skin with a power-house of botanicals including hibiscus and pitaya fruit. Perfect for soothing needy skin, this sumptuously soft balm not only deeply cleanses, but also plumps, repairs, and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier. A unique combination of ingredients offers a clean rinse experience.

    Pitaya Cleansing Melt


    Key benefits: Reduces dryness following cleansing Breaks down dead skin and debris Skin brightening Evens skin tone Improved absorption of products following exfoliation Doubles as a face mask Refined skin texture Vitamin C rich to assist in...

  • Wondering why your skin lacks a fresh, clean, dewy appearance? Guess what? Aging will do that! But don't worry, children the age of 5 have the perfect balance of shedding dead skin and creating new, healthy cells. As we age, that perfect number is not so perfect. Eventually, as a senior citizen for example, that process takes up to 120 days. Not so good right? So most likely you are somewhere between the ideal and the definitely not so ideal. Never fear, fruit acids are here! 

A refreshing , tingling, foaming cleanser full of natural fruit acids to shed the dead stuff! A bright aroma of California Pink Grapefruit and naturally fermented fruits assist in breaking down dead skin, oils and debris to allow the natural excretion process of the skin's oil glands helping to diminish pore size, sanitizing the skin, thus helping to brighten the skin, and reduce the occurrences of blemishes for those who are acne prone. Bilberry Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Grapefruit Extract, plus other good stuff.

    Fruit Frenzy Exfoliating Facial Wash


    Key benefits: Exfoliating Skin brightening Reduced pore size Even skin tone Refined skin texture Skin suitability: Mature skin Dry and severely dry skin Sensitive skin Rosacea Normal skin Combination skin Oily skin Are you are...

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