• Ready to quench your skin with calming moisture? Our blue yarrow opal serum calms, moisturizes, and soothes even the most troublesome skin. How does it smell? Divine! Siberian Rhododendron  along with Blue Yarrow is fresh with top notes of berry sweetness. Our combination of healing, aroma-therapeutic plant oils will quench your skin and calm issues associated with acne and rosacea. This balm-to-serum concentrate melts against the warmth of your skin quenches your skin with calming moisture that soothes even the most troublesome skin conditions.

    Blue Yarrow Solid Serum


    Key benefits: Balm -to-serum concentrate Antioxidant rich Deep moisture within the skin Improved skin barrier Firmer skin Wrinkle reduction Anti-inflammatory Dewey, glowing skin Skin suitability: Mature skin Dry and severely dry...

  • Saving Grace CBD + Blue Tansy protective facial treatment is a topical skin nourishing cream infused with high potency, hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol). We have blended this revolutionary extract with organic botanicals and essential oils to protect, calm, + hydrate delicate facial skin. This cream works well as a night cream for normal, dry, moderately dry, sensitive and aging skin types.

    Saving Grace Blue Tansy Face Cream


    Key benefits: Increased radiance and hydration Increased moisture rentention Improved skin barrier Increased collagen and elastin production Skin suitability: Mature skin Dry and severely dry skin Sensitive skin Rosacea Normal...

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