• Known as the Japanese lemon, yuzu has grown in popularity due to its naturally refreshing fragrance and nutrient-rich qualities. Yuzu is related to lemon and pomelo fruits, and the yuzu fruit is vibrant in both color and flavor. Rich in Vitamin C, this antioxidant is a powerhouse for brightening the skin, fighting signs of aging, and even helping to combat dry skin. Additionally, this fresh facial toner includes hyaluronic acid and Reproage™ peptides, which assists in promoting epidermal self-renewal and cell reproduction. As we age, the cells in the basal layer of our skin slow down resulting in the signs of aging such as wrinkles, roughness, and lack of smoothness. Yep – this crisp, fruit spritzer has big power!

    Yuzu Splash Facial Toner


    Key benefits: Increased radiance Decreased skin cell turnover time Increased moisture rentention Improved skin barrier Increased collagen and elastin production Improved skin moisutre Skin suitability: Mature skin Dry and severely dry...

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