Oily Skin Rescue

Posted by Kimberly on Mar 10th 2016

Oily Skin Rescue


First off, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your greasy skin. Men and women alike complain it makes them feel disgusting when their face is like a grease pit. This is the beginning of your obsession with washing it multiple times a day, then finally, wondering if that rubbing alcohol in your medicine cabinet would put a kibosh on the offender. I've heard it lots of times before, so don't worry, you aren't alone. In this post I'll briefly explain some of the reasons why your skin is misbehaving. 

Genetics play the largest role in determining oily skin, although just like dry skin, oily skin can be impacted by skin care products, the seasons, weather, diet, health and more. Managing oily skin, or oily skin with acne can seem like walking a tight rope. One day it may feel dry and the next oily. Sometimes it feels like oily slick on top, but dry down deep. 

Understanding how the skin functions helps to keep oily skin balanced. Using the right combination of ingredients will assist your skin to behave in a predictable and reasonable manner. One of the most important elements in helping to balance oily skin is providing hydration. Oily skinned people who do not use a moisturizer will often suffer dramatically from being tight and dry to super oily in the skins attempt to obtain balance. Cleansers that deeply clean the skin are ideal, but then it's of the uttmost importance to hydrate it after, ideally with a water based ingredient. Because the skin cannot manufacture water, when it's depleted of this integrall component, it will instead do what it can....make oil to compensate. You in turn, sensing the oiliness, will wash it more or use harsh ingredients like alcohol in an attempt to reduce the oil and around and around you go! 

My first suggestion would be to use an effective cleanser, but only twice daily, followed up with a toner that adds much needed water back into the skin, or a toner (often referred to as a tonique) that has oil control ingredients such as Willow Bark Extract (NEW product coming soon called Apple Each Day) to combat more oil. Then, add even more water hydration with Dry Erase Serum, which is water based only and is 1000 times it's weight in water! This gives the skin the very important elements it needs to stay properly hydrated and to prevent the skin from responding with more oil. Once it senses the proper hydration, oftentimes it will mellow out and leave your skin feeling healthy and fresh. 

In some cases, due to evaporation of the water based ingredients, a lightweight moisturizer is required to seal in the water. We offer two different moisturizers to wear over the top of your water based products that are lightweight and are not comedogenic (pore clogging), Vodka Tonic and Salvation Lightweight Facial Cream.

We'd love to help you solve your challenged skin issues, so feel free to email us if you need direction.