Deluxe Dry Skin Solver Kit

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Dry skin can be more complicated than most people imagine. First, your overall health can impact the extent of dryness you experience. Certain thyroid conditions, treatment for diseases like cancer, and even your diet can affect your skin and cause dryness. Generally speaking, dry skin is often linked to genetics too. Also, there are a variety of dry skin conditions ranging from mildly dry to severely dry. The environment and seasonal changes can impact the extent of dryness. 

Dry skin is responsible for a dull appearance, fine lines, and even unnecessary wrinkles, not to mention uncomfortable tightness. Good news! With all of that said, there are multiple ways to lessen your dry skin. Addressing the true nature of dry skin means correcting two different facets of your skin's dryness. Heavy creams, oils, and butters may temporarily help with the feeling of dryness, but several hours later, the dry, tight sensation returns. Maintaining comfortably, moist skin for the entire day is possible by providing your skin with the most crucial element contributing to persistent dryness and dehydration.

Each of the individual products in this kit have successfully helped many individuals to healthy, hydrated, radiant skin. Because of each product's vitamin-rich nature, you can expect to provide your skin with valuable nutrients to combat aging and provide the antioxidants to help existing damage.

The kit includes the following products:

  1. Lemon Be Clean - richly emollient facial cleansing cream adds needed moisture while cleansing
  2. Sweet Blossom - deeply hydrating facial toner with Orange Blossom Hydrosol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vegetable Glycerin to add much-needed water moisture and nourishment to the deep layers of the skin.
  3. Veggie Moist - profoundly hydrates the skin with a viscous serum rich in Lavender, Chamomile and Vegetable Glycerin
  4. Monoi De Magic - Vitamin-rich facial cream replete with the purest Amazonian butters, and Tahitian Monoi to lock in hydration. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals caused by environmental stress, aging, pollution, and sunlight. Ideal for daytime use and nighttime use in conjunction with Rose Balm.
  5. Rose Balm - Antioxidant-rich oils, including Rosehip Seed Oil (an excellent source of Vitamin C), Bilberry Extract, Olive Squalene, and Black Current Seed Oil, help to provide the necessary vitamins to fight cellular damage. Rich, pure, soothing Amazonian butters like Kokum and Cupuacu Butters provide skin-nourishing ingredients to moisturize even the driest skin type!
  6. Adios Wrinkles Adios wrinkles and hello healthy, vibrant skin! High antioxidant levels and fatty acids help to increase moisture, balance the skin's natural oils, firm, and tone the skin—ideal for all skin types except very oily skin types.

You'll enjoy the same plant-based ingredients you've come to love in our luxurious, non-greasy body creams. ECOCERT certified ingredients, organic extracts, and the purest essential oils and absolutes. To protect the integrity of the ingredients, this body cream is packaged your products in light protecting, recyclable amber glass.

Conscientiously crafted, handmade skincare in small batches using 100% pure botanical ingredients. We value conserving our natural resources, and your product has ingredients obtained sustainably.


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    Deluxe Dry Skin Solver Kit

    Posted by Shelli on Dec 18th 2023

    This has been so amazing! I received the set in October but wanted to have a good couple of months before I reviewed it. Time is up! My skin has made such a dramatic change from dull and dry to moisturized and glowing! I saw my daughter in September and then she came for Thanksgiving she said my skin looked glowing/dewy. She ended up buying some for herself and she is 24 (I will be 60 in a couple of months) 1.) The lemon Cleanser feels moisturizing and cleansing smells like you could eat it (but don't) 2.) Sweet Blossom feels so good and I swear I can feel it plumping my skin as well as toning (smells fab) 3,) Adios Wrinkles I use on my neck, chest, and face and it smells fab! 4.)I also use Dry Erase Serum which I love 5.) I use the Rose Eye serum and it softens the lines and stays moist - not wet... my concealer works great with it! (LOVE) That is my daytime regime. At night I skip the Adios (I got the caffeinated - which is why I skip it at night - not sure if it makes a difference?) and use Monoi (during the day use, it felt a little too moisturizing for me, but try it first to see what works for you)- sometimes Rose Geranium if I feel extra dry - but honestly, I used it the first day and have felt like my skin is perfect with Monoi... *Having been involved in cosmetics as a makeup artist and in sales for multiple companies for over 30 years of my life, I have to say that BNB has shown me exceptional results that I could not see in the 5 companies combined that I worked with. This is a great starting set! I also use the Fruit cleanser at night to exfoliate (I have Lemon Be Clean in my shower) so I use both. The exfoliating started the clearing of my dry skin to help the toner and other products sink in and work as they are supposed to. I can't thank Kimberly and her company enough for making my skin not only feel good again - but LOOK good again. The fact that they are clean is #1 on my list, Patriotic, and Made in America #2! Don't be on the fence. If you need a dramatic change in your skin, you have to start with your skincare. Makeup can only camouflage it for a short time but soon it will look dull naked and more caked with makeup on. I can't recommend her products enough! THANK YOU!

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    Dry skin kit

    Posted by Teresa on Oct 27th 2022

    I have become desperately dry over the past few years, and when fall comes, it really kicks in! This kit has saved me! No more tight dry skin. If you have really sensitive and dry skin this is a game changer!

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    Posted by Kerry KZ on Mar 21st 2021

    I have very dry skin. I bought this kit hoping it would help. My face feels so soft and the tightness of my dry skin is gone! Love it! The bottles are supper cute, so I can leave them on my counter.

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    Deluxe Dry Skin Solver Kit

    Posted by Eve on Jun 15th 2020

    I have ordered this kit twice now. Before using this combination of products, I had dry patches on my forehead and cheeks and the normal wrinkles you get being 55. However, daily use of these products - somedays, when I'm good, I use the full regimen, but sometimes I'm in a rush and I use the minimum of Lemon Be Clean, Sweet Blossom and Monoi de Magic, has taken a decade of stress off my face.

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    Skin Care Kit for Dry Skin

    Posted by Tori on May 25th 2019

    This is my favorite regimen EVER! I am in love with these products! I love they way they hydrate my skin without my skin feeling oily! They all have a very mild subtle yet pleasant scent. I have been using them for a week and a friend commented how great my skin looked today! I highly recommend! (Their deodorant and lotions are amazing too)

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    LOVE IT!

    Posted by Jasmine on Mar 13th 2017

    I am very dry and have sensitive skin and I LOVE these products! They work wonders- my skin is so soft and clear and moisturized without feeling oily and greasy! I ran out for a short period of time and I used my old Clarins products from Nordstrom and immediately I could tell the difference- I felt dull, dry and tight! It is amazing to see the difference in the products. Bare Naked Botanicals is clearly the best products out there! I am middle aged too and I have noticed a huge difference in softer, more resilient skin and fewer wrinkles. Amazing products.